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Dexter Barker-Glenn
  August 5 - September 20, 2023

Hawkins Headquarters is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition with a new body of works from Dexter Barker-Glenn. This is Dexter's first exhibition with the gallery and is titled: Wolves.

Dexter Barker-Glenn is a multidisciplinary artist based in the unceded territory of Tiohti:áke (Montreal) and Tkaronto (Toronto) who has completed his undergraduate degree in Studio Arts with a minor in Computer Science at Concordia University. Dexter is interested in the products of intersecting desires, offering objects stuck between multiple functions. Often contrasting industrial and handmade production, his work questions the limits of the personal and intimate. Among other exhibits, Dexter has shown work at Bradley Ertaskiran, The Plumb, AXENO7, Project Casa, and FOFA gallery. 

The objects in this show are on the move. Fascined to knapsacks and folding chairs the works are designed fit in the trunk of a 2007 Ford Ranger and travel cross country from Montreal Quebec to Atlanta Georgia. Starting with the parable of the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing I was interested in how the story has evolved from fable, to idiom to cliche. How over time it’s characters have been used to represent countless ideologies and public figures. Teaching us to discover our enemies' true nature and warning us against pretending to be something we’re not, it is a story that attempts to solidify identities. Wolves retells the story as a narrative between disguises, weathered from their constantly changing roles and occupants. Like all disguises the work attempts to control the direction of sight, to allow its movement outwards and to block its movement inwards. Each work contains a set of eyes. Through cameras, cellphones, and binoculars, they observe each others masks. 

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