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Daniel Byrd
  November 18 - January, 2024

Hawkins Headquarters is pleased to announce its third exhibition with a new breath of works from Daniel Byrd. This is Daniel's first exhibition with the gallery and is titled: Modular.

Daniel Byrd (b.1994) is a painter from Atlanta, Georgia who tethers the conversation between the formalities of art with a modular ideology. By incorporating this kind of thought process he delineates the relationship between artist and results, highlighting the act of contradiction and affirmation. When integrating the formal choices he can tear and reupholster the surface with modular components, each a microcosm of densely layered color and repetitive form. Through creating something that has no theoretical stopping point, a patterned void is presented causing a rift for the audience to view in either the halted or continuous.

Module Systems:

Serving as individual modules for the transformative installations, these drawings invite contemplation of the nuanced. A grid framework is the back-bone providing both stability and flexibility for the woven structure to exist. This departure from flat to dimensional by dividing a line in 2 is the first sign of a modular system beginning to expand space and opportunity. Furthermore allowing the negative space to be equally considered as it latches on and presents itself on the same plane.     


Module 52:

Running through a course of trial and error is an integral part of any artist's process to uncover moments where approach can be rearranged, reinterpreted, and adapted. The installation serves as a visual aid for the place that exists between decision and result. Built up of (52) 9” x 12” panels, the structure itself expounds on a system devised of building blocks which can each embody a facet of thought. As a whole, the ensemble of rudimentary shapes has the ability to shift and arrange themselves in various compositions; living in a state of perpetual motion. Paint application is completed with a glazing technique, thin coats of transparent acrylic nuzzling themselves into the form they inhabit. This depth of color creates an undulation with the shapes lifted off of the wall, creating an area where contradiction is present. Outlining a structure of contrast to allow each shape to live on their own while conforming to the abided system.

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