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Kole Nichols
Night's Curtain
  October 7 - November 10, 2023

Hawkins Headquarters is pleased to announce its second exhibition with a new body of works from Kole Nichols. This is Kole's first exhibition with the gallery and is titled: Night's Curtain.

Kole Nichols (B. 1998) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work often utilizes the languages of printmaking, drawing, painting, and sculpture as an expanded approach to art-making in order to navigate their conceptual interests. Nichols was born and raised in Alabama where he attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham (BFA) before later attending The University of Alabama where he received an MFA. Recent exhibitions in which they have been featured include a solo show at the Wiregrass Museum of Art (2023), The Gadsden Museum of Art (2023), and the Red Clay Survey: Exhibition of Contemporary Southern Art at the Huntsville Museum of Art (2020). 

Within this show titled Night’s Curtain, I have sought to analyze the theme of night through a lens where this phenomenon exists simultaneously as space, time, object, and material. At once still, and subtle, there is a sense of transience as shifts and changes occur with movement and the passage of time. There are prominent image systems that undulate between presence and absence while containing references to navigational tools, cyclical patterns, and natural phenomena. With soft perceptual shifts, natural materials, tactile surfaces, and moments of shimmering transcendence I’ve worked to develop a personal index that reflects the essence of night and its many forms.

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